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  • High quality fine art photography
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London Loy x Kouseband 2024

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Kouseband 2019

London Loy x Stacii Samidin, 2024

We created this artwork in collab with chef London Loy, in memory of Keti Koti. A way for us to give back by combining our craft.

Keti Koti invites us to dive deep into the depths of our inner selves, and to become fully aware of the inextricable connection with our history and the profound influence it has on our current existence. It is a moment of introspection, in which we let go of the burden of the past and make room for personal growth and transformation. Only by embracing and accepting our history can we find true freedom and inner peace, both within ourselves and in the world around us. London Loy

Part of the proceeds will go back to charities and communities in Surinam and the Caribbean that became apart of this ongoing photo documentary, a way to exchange norms and values that we normally don't think about.

  • Material: Printed direct on glass, in brown wooden (kolonial) frame
  • Edition of 1/3
  • Certificate of authenticity and Numbered
  • Size: 95cm x 125cm
  • Printed on Glass

This print is for personal use only, intended for display in the home or other private spaces. For all other purposes, such as display in public spaces or institutions, publishing the image online or in print, or any other form of usage, permission must be granted by Gallery Stacii Samidin.Please note that Gallery Stacii Samidin is not responsible for any lost or misplaced Letters of Provenance and will not send replacements.